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DNA Test

Fitness DNA Test

“That which
is used develops,
that which is not used
wastes away.”


Fitness DNA Test

You are not like everybody else.

Find out how your DNA affects your personal fitness potential.

Fitness DNA Test
will help you discover:

• The best exercise program for weight loss
• Key traits for muscle energy, recovery and fatigue
• Insulin and body fat response to exercise
• Traits for aerobic capacity, nitric oxide and vascular function

Fitness traits we will test for:

Glucose Metabolism
Muscle Growth
Muscle Strength
Muscle Development
Nerve Activity

Endurance Benefit
HDL Response
Insulin Response
Response to Exercise
Testosterone Levels

Muscle Recovery
Sleep Cycle
Exercise Fatigue

Aerobic Capacity
Exercise Response
Blood Vessel Formation
Nitric Oxide Metabolism
Vascular Function

Muscle Energy
Muscle Speed
Optimal Exercise Type
Endurance vs Strength

Blood Pressure
Muscle Growth
Muscle Volume

How to test your DNA in 4 simple steps:

Nutrition DNA Test Process

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